ayurveda health and wellness coaching

                  2-hour Consultation                                         $190

This is your time to express all your physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns. We will record your weight, temperature and blood pressure. We'll also check your respiration and Ayurvedic pulse and conduct an Ayurvedic tongue exam and abdominal exam to determine any imbalances you may have.

                  1-hour  Report of Findings                                No Charge

After analyzing all of your information from the consultation, you will be given the big picture of who you are physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We'll go over any imbalances in your constitution and identify your unique Ayurvedic mind and body type, or dosha.  You'll receive healthy eating recommendations specific to your dosha, and we'll schedule a plan of follow-up visits to bring your imbalances into check. Our goal is to help you heal yourself slowly with one-on-one guidance, support and encouragement every step of the way.

                 30 min   Follow-up Routine visit                          $45

This is your check-in to see if there are any challenges and to take on the next steps to a healthier and happier you.  We begin with food, and once your digestion is sound, we move onto lifestyle enhancements and natural therapies to balance your specific needs.

                60 min   Extended visit                                        $70

This visit is reserved for demonstration of therapies, one-on-one practice, and other therapies requiring more time than a routine visit.

Ayurveda sensory and holistic therapies

SHIRODHARA THERAPY (pronounced sheer - row - dara)

                 Total of 3 twenty-minute treatment visits             $180

Shirodhara is a warm oil therapy to balance your nervous system.  It helps with insomnia, stress anxiety, and fatigue. A medicated herbal oil is formulated specifically for your Ayurvedic body constitution, or dosha.  We will show you how to apply any remaining oil as a before-shower-massage at home. Our unique tradition is to  plan your treatments for three visits to ensure receive the most benefit.


SWEDANA STEAM THERAPY  (pronounced sveh - duh - nuh)

                 60-minute treatment                                            $90

A powerful detoxifying treatment, the Swedana helps to open circulatory channels, allowing toxins from the environment to be mobilized and eliminated through the sweat glands.  While you relax on our tented massage table, this herbal steam bath will relax you, reduce tension, and heal your body.

ABHYANGA MASSAGE  (pronounced ub - young - guh)

                 60-minute treatment                                            $100

Abhyanga is a two-therapist choreographed massage utilizing warm herbal oils created specifically for your Ayurvedic mind and body type, or dosha.  As the oil is massaged into the skin, it pentrates deep into the tissue to loosen toxins at cellular level.  The Abhyanga enhances your body's immunity, increases circulation and creates deep relaxation in the body and mind. 

AYURVEDA HERBAL FACIAL  (pronounced I - your - vay - dik)

                   75-minute treatment                                            $110

This Ayurvedic Herbal Facial is an amazing three-step process using polarity points (Marmas) or vital energy - points.  Marmas are found all over the body, but are particularly concentrated on the face neck, and upper chest. Marmas mobilize the light energy in the body, restoring a youthful glow and natural radiance. Clients report this treatment to be as balancing and energizing as a full body massage!

MARMA  (pronounced just like it sounds)

                   75-minute treatment                                            $110

Marmas are the junction points between your body, mind and emotions. This light circular touch uses oils specific to your mind-body constitutions, or dosha, and stimulates the vital energy points for restoration and rejuvenation awakening you inner healing system.


                   Shirodhara (30-min)/Abhyanga(1-hour)/Swedana Steam Therapy(1-hour)                     $275

Three therapies in succession - warm oil, massage, and steam therapy. Total bliss!  Plan to be  blissed out the entire day - each therapy, including transition (meditation, tea and nourishing treats from our Ayurvedic kitchen) between treatments, is approximately two hours. Be sure to plan for a light evening afterwards to fully benefit from this "de-stressing" experience.​

         *In Ayurveda tradition, gratuities are not expected.  Relax and Enjoy.


ayurveda health and Wellness Services at Blue mountain's graham center in Nc

Ayurveda therapy is a homeopathic approach to health and wellness that began over 5000 years ago in India.  More than just a system of treating illness, Ayurveda is a holistic science of life, based on the forces that shape us all.

All of our five senses are affected by our environment - vision, taste hearing, smelling, and touch.  At the core of Ayurveda is the Five-Element Theory related to these senses.  Earth is Smell.  Water is Taste.  Fire is Vision.  Air is Touch.  Ether is Hearing.

At Blue Mountain Sanctuary, we are able to identify when a person's elements are out of balance, leading to health problems.  We can then offer interventions using diet, herbs, aromatherapy, massage treatments, sound healing, and meditation to reestablish equilibrium and optimum wellness.

Ayurveda reminds us that health is a balanced and dynamic integration between our environment, body, and spirit.  

(Home visits for the elderly and those with special needs are available upon request.)


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Blue Mountain Sanctuary

Ayurveda is Homeopathic Healing to restore your health and refresh your spirit